As a leader in the Canadian beer industry, Labatt's vision is to be our country's preeminent voice of moderation. We're proud of our brands, and we're equally proud of taking a leadership role in promoting their safe enjoyment.

We brew our beers to be enjoyed responsibly by those of legal drinking age. For a quarter century, Labatt has been a Canadian leader in encouraging consumers to enjoy our beer responsibly and moderately and in the fight against drinking and driving — the societal issue that concerns more Canadians than any other. We constantly update our programming to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Family Talk About Drinking – a Prevention Program

One of Labatt’s latest innovative responsible drinking initiatives, the Family Talk About Drinking prevention program, includes the Family Talk website, informational videos, and the Labatt Family Talk Parent Guide. Parents can use the Family Talk program, which draws on the knowledge and experience of experts in this field, to talk to their children about making smart, safe decisions about alcohol. www.labattfamilytalk.ca

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge asks Canadians to sign a pledge that they will not drink and drive. The campaign’s billboard and street level ads showed just how far people will go to avoid drinking and driving – for example sleeping on the back of a statue, on a park slide and atop a tree branch. The campaign directs consumers to Labatt’s responsible drinking Facebook page where they can “sign” a pledge to not drink and drive.

Be(er) Responsible Day

Every year on Be(er) Responsible Day, Labatt employees share the company’s responsible drinking philosophy with consumers and partner with wholesalers, distributors and retailers to extend the reach of our message. In recent years, teams of employees took our Take the Pledge program to university and college campuses across Canada, and brought the We I.D. program to retailers and licensees country-wide. Be(er) Responsible Days typically start with employee briefings that involve server training providers, regulators and local police.

Budweiser Good Sport

Budweiser Good Sport is the sports world’s most successful designated driver program. Budweiser Good Sport encourages fans to volunteer as designated drivers to and from the stadium, and helps to increase awareness of fan responsibility in partnership with stadium operators, team owners and concessionaires. Good Sport partners with teams in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Soccer and is featured in nearly 100 major league stadiums in the U.S., including 21 MLB teams. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of fans in North America have signed up at professional sports games to be a designated driver as part of the Budweiser Good Sport program. Good Sport includes “We. I.D.” communication tools for effective legal drinking age identification. In Canada, Budweiser Good Sport is partnered with the Toronto Blue Jays, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto FC, and the London Knights.

Budweiser TV Ad Designates Holiday Drivers

A Budweiser TV spot, “Great times wait for the designated driver,” airs Canada-wide during the holiday season. It underscores the importance and widespread acceptance of having a designated driver when going out to social, sporting and entertainment events. It reinforces Labatt’s clear, consistent message: “Don’t drink and drive.”

Operation Red Nose/Nez Rouge

Every year, Labatt participates in Operation Red Nose/Nez Rouge in the Province of Quebec, with volunteers taking the wheel for people who don’t feel comfortable driving their own vehicles home during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Nearly 85,000 people a year get a safe-ride home thanks to this program.

Montreal’s City Bus as Designated Driver

Labatt and the Société de transport de Montréal join forces to invite festival goers and night owls to select a night bus as their “designated driver.” The initiative promotes the use of public transit “after hours” in downtown Montreal.

Some of our other programs have included Know When to Draw the Line, one of Canada’s longest running and most widely recognized campaigns, Make a Plan, which focused on helping Canadians plan ahead for the responsible and safe enjoyment of alcohol and reduce the incidence of drinking and driving. Crash Bobbles, an original web series promoted through Facebook and YouTube encouraged discussion and responsible consumption among young adults.

Responsible Drinking Programs

Server Education

Labatt not only encourages people to enjoy alcohol responsibly, we also take an active role in educating those who provide our brands to consumers to serve them responsibly. We increase responsible drinking awareness by training alcohol licensees in our own institute facilities to take action against over-consumption and drinking and driving.

Water and Backcountry Safety

Labatt's fight against drinking and driving extends to Canada's waterways too. In the Atlantic region, we have partnered with the Canadian Red Cross, Red Cross Swim and On Board to produce print materials, articles and education programs to help boaters and swimmers remain safe and consume alcohol responsibly in and around the water.

Our Columbia Brewery in British Columbia is a major partner of the Canadian Avalanche Association, which educates outdoor enthusiasts on avalanche preparedness, safety and resources to avoid accidents while pursuing recreational activities in the backcountry. Columbia Brewery is also a sponsor of the Columbia Brewery Backcountry Avalanche Workshops, where international speakers present a variety of topics related to managing risk in the backcountry.

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