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John Labatt
John Labatt

Exceeding Customers Expectations

Labatt Breweries of Canada has been shaped by over 170 years of brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where it operates. Throughout the company's history, Labatt has never lost sight of the fact that it is in business to exceed the expectations of its customers. From Newfoundland to British Columbia, 3,400 employees come to work every day dedicated to exactly this objective.

In 1847, the company's first brewery produced close to 1,000 bottles of beer a year. Today, Labatt is a proud member of the global Anheuser-Busch InBev family and brews a total of about 10 million hectolitres annually – the equivalent of more than 350 million bottles of beer to customers across Canada. Much has changed at Labatt since its founding, but one thing remains the same — our commitment to brewing great beer.

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Labatt Better World

We are committed to sustainability... and to creating The Best Beer Company in a Better World. Read our Corporate Citizenship report at


Know when to draw the line
Labatt Family Talk

As Canada's pre-eminent voice of moderation, our many programs help consumers enjoy our beer responsibly and help parents discuss smart decisions about alcohol with their children.


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Know when to draw the line